Finally, the wait is over! Tron: Legacy hits screens today and it seems there is a mixed bag of reviews from the media. Below is a list of summary comments to help yopu decide if it is for you or not.

Steve Rose, Guardian
It is often beautiful to look at, and could come to represent the fashion tropes of its era as faithfully as its predecessor did. And the silliness somehow adds to the enjoyment rather than detracting from it. It’s the best kind of bonkers. 3 Stars

Betsy Sharkey, LA Times
As it was in the beginning, “Tron: Legacy” takes us into a glow-stick world inside computers where the games are lethal and the mind can get lost, albeit with new players, a new story line, a new director and nearly three decades of improved technology including all the whiz-bang-wow the latest 3-D has to offer. Unfortunately, there’s not nearly enough new life.

Johnathan Crocker, Total Film Magazine
A film that awes and bores in frustratingly equal measure. Visually and musically, it’s a triumph. Dramatically, it needs some re-wiring. 3 Stars

Time Out Magazine
But as the story becomes more convoluted and less convincing, as entire plot strands are left hanging, as Hedlund smoulders and Bridges clings to his dignity, it becomes clear that this ‘Tron’ isn’t going to satisfy any but the most undemanding fans. The door is left wide open for a sequel and the prospect remains a welcome one – but let’s hope they can do a comprehensive de-bug, and get this system running smoothly once more.

Nick de Semlyen, Empire Magazine
A triumph of art direction, sound design and Gallic phat beats, but could do with a script upgrade and fun.exe patch. 3 Stars

Mark Adam, The Mirror
This super-stylish sequel to the cult 1982 film Tron is a spectacular feast of 3D action and effects and is likely to be one of the must-see films of Christmas.
But despite super-snug costumes and impressive action sequences, it never really connects. It relies ­too heavily on The Matrix and Star Wars to feel ­totally original. Hedland and Wilde (looking good in those tight outfits young folk in cyber universes wear) handle the action to nice effect. It is technically amazing but unlikely to be a massive ­family ­blockbuster on the scale of last year’s Avatar.
3 Stars

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I know it seems a strange title but I have been reliably informed by @JiveBunnie on Twitter that it isn’t out in Germany until the end of January