The Hulk Under Armour

You may be aware that Disney Brit has building up a Running Team, with the ultimate goal being the Disneyland Paris half Marathon 2016.

While looking for some new running shirts I stumbled upon these beauties. I have to admit it was the Hulk’s 6 pack that drew my attention. As a total amateur runner Under Armour was a brand that I’d never heard of, but I had noticed it a lot over in Walt Disney World this year. It seemed that everyone was wearing it, except me.

Under Armour Transform Yourself Spiderman

under-armour-transform-yourself-spiderman-1254143-600-manback under-armour-transform-yourself-spiderman-1254143-600-manfront

Under Armour Transform Yourself The Hulk

under-armour-transform-yourself-hulk-compression-top-1258691-301-back_1 under-armour-transform-yourself-hulk-compression-top-1258691-301_1

Under Armour Transform Yourself Iron-Man

under-armour-transform-yourself-iron-man-1254144-710-man-front  under-armour-transform-yourself-iron-man-1254144-710-man-back

Priced at £39.95 from Start Fitness, I feel that they are for either the dedicated runner or dedicated Marvel Fan.

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