It was only a matter of time before some video form with in the park surfaced and user Bounonushi has posted two videos from within the Disneyland Park.

The first video was shot just as the Earthquake shook the resort

The second video features guests as they calmly walk around the park. The announcements are mostly made in Japanese. If anyone can translate, we would love to hear from you. We do know the emergency announcement in English states:

“We have just experienced an earthquake. Please move away from the buildings to an open area and wait there until our cast members can instruct you further. Please be assured that the park has been designed with earthquake safety in mind. We will provide you with more detailed information as soon as possible. Thank you.”

UPDATE An American Disney Cast Member took a walk out early morning the following day to assess the damage caused by the Earthquake. Below is his findings

UPDATE Another video has been posted online by davidgibbo, showing the earthquake hitting Main Street USA as guests were waiting for the parade

UPDATE Three new videso from Tokyo DisneySea during aftershocks of the main earthquake. All are centred around the Tower of Terror. Videos are courtesy of x3mendo

A Few hours after the last aftershock

Sheltering inside the Tower of Terror

UPDATE 2 videos showing damage to the pavements around the resort. Both videos are outside of the park and courtesy of 1983waltdisney

UPDATE Video are still appearing from earthquake that struck Japan on Friday. Here, another video shows a show in progress at Tokyo DisneySea as the earthquake started

Video of Earthquake taken from an iPhone

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