This year, Disney have released 3 Christmas Vinylmation sets/series (so far). Proving to be very popular are the Tinkerbell Holiday Santa Eachez. This limited release is priced from $14.95 and is blind boxed. There are two versions; Red outfit (9/10), or Green outfit (1/10). These were designed by Ron Cohee and were released at Halloween.  You can pick up the common red outfit for as little as $9 + on eBay, however the green outfit is a different matter. Sellers on eBay are asking as much as $100 and up, so my advice would be to keep buying the blind boxes until you hit green! These are easily found in the parks, Disney resorts and Downtown Disney.


tink green


Next up is the Holiday Mickey and Minnie snowman set, limited to 2500 and retailing at $29.95 per set. In this set, Mickey & Minnie are re-imagined as Santa Mickey Mouse and Mrs. Claus Minnie Mouse Snowmen. The artist for the collection is R. Bristol. Expect to pay around $35 and up on eBay to get hold of this set if not buying in parks/resorts etc.

snowman 1

snowman 2



Finally we have the 12 figure series, Mickey’s Christmas Carol.


Figures in this series include: Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit, Minnie Mouse as Emily Cratchit, Donald Duck as Nephew Fred, Daisy Duck as Isabelle, Goofy as Ghost of Jacob Marley, Willie the Giant as The Ghost of Christmas Present, Peg Leg Pete as The Ghost of Christmas Future, Rat as Beggar, Mole as Beggar and Weasels as Gravediggers. There is a 2 part chaser – Jiminy Cricket as the Ghost of Christmas past and Ebenezer Scrooge in PJs.






The artist for this series is Enrique Pita and the series was inspired by the classic animated featurette Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983). 24 individual blind boxes are available over at as a tray purchase ($310.80). You can also buy single blind boxes from for £8.00 each. This series is still widely available in the parks and Disney resorts.






The chaser is already changing hands on eBay for around $33 and up. Regular figures are easy to get hold of and bidding starts from as low as $1/£1 – you never know, you might just be able to get a good  bargain!

What do you think of this years Christmas collection? We’re rather fond of the Tinkerbell Eachez!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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