Orphan’s Benefit: Mickey and Goofy Set


The 1934 Disney Short ‘Orphan’s Benefit’ featured Mickey Mouse (voiced by Walt), Goofy, Clara Cluck and Donald Duck. Now, 2 characters are reunited in a limited edition classic collection set. This set has been created by Disney artist Bert (not to be confused with Bert from Mary Poppins!), and is limited to 2500 sets. They’re retailing online at Disneystore.com for $29.95 and are still readily available, so you won’t have to pay over the odds to add this lovely set to your collection. This pack is the perfect companion to those collectors who already own the Classic Collection.





I would personally love to get one of these but then that will lead to me needing to start collecting the original Classic Collection. Do you already own it?


The Oswald chaser appears to be the biggest challenge for collectors looking to complete their collection. Expect to pay upwards of $100, plus shipping for this one!

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