VInylmation Ink and Paint

Are you a Vinylmation collector? What do you think of the latest Ink & Paint series?VInylmation ink & Paint

Why should I start off with this set of questions? (oh and there’s another!) This series is a love it or hate it moment. I have to admit being borderline on this. The art style replicates the printing techniques of old fashioned comic strips. The dotted halftone to build up colours. The hairs and scratches on the surfaces where the ink is missing. All the imperfections that the collectors seem to avoid is what is creating the charm of this set.
The Ink and Paint set is 7 known character s plus 1 chaser.


The Vinylmation Ink and Paint Series was designed by Enrique Pita

ink and paint Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse

Donald Ink and Paint

Donald Duck

Goofy ink and Paint



Pluto Ink and Paint



Pete ink and Paint


Pete – Check out his Peg Leg!!

Horace Horsecollar ink and paint

Horace Horsecollar

Clarabelle Cow


Clarabelle Cow


The Chaser is Minnie Mouse

Minnie Chaser - Ink and Paint


There is also a Donald Variant which is in the black and white style cartoon strip ink & scratch!!

Donald Duck Variant

What are your thoughts on this new series? Will you be racing out to get them?
They are available now from and will be available in the Disney Parks from May 23rd 2014.



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