Will it, won’t it? They were the questions we asked about Park Series 8 of the popular Vinylmation series. Rumours round around the Disney community that due to the nature of Park 8 (they are specifically retro WDW to celebrate the 40th) but it seems that yes, we are in deed getting them and better still, we got elements of it before the US did.

Take a look at what we are getting as part of the series thanks to Destination Vinylmation

Imagine our surprise when VM_Paris posted some photos today that came from Disneyland Paris showing that not only are the Park 8 series available but also that tho topper is available too. This might not be too much of a surprise from the list above but according to posts on several social media sites claiming that the US didn’t get the toppers yesterday as expected.

On a similar vein, Disneyland Paris also got some of the 9″ Park 8 Vinylmation

Finally, as a bonus, VM_Paris also posted an image from the Paris Disney Store where you can pick up a very stereotypical Vinylmation!