UK VInylmation fans we have some great news for you. Vinylmation Tunes will be hitting the UK shelves and online this Monday!!

According to a Disney release:

“Calling all Vinylmation fans: The Vinylmation Tunes series will be released in the UK from Monday 20th February. These six classic Disney characters each represent a different genre of music.

Globally we release with Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Daisy Duck and Goofy. Donald Duck and Dale will be released later in the year.

The Tunes will be available on Monday at and in the following stores Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Bluewater, Manchester Trafford Centre, London Oxford St, Liverpool, Gateshead Metro Centre, Manchester Arndale, Milton Keynes, Dublin Grafton St, Southampton. The following stores will have stock from Tuesday: Stratford Westfield, Glasgow and Cardiff”

This is a series that hasn’t little known about it. Disney have released much of the concept artwork on pieces and we don’t have an official line up of the set other than photos taken by fans. Here is an image captured by

We have no official word from Disney but it is believed that this set is to be an open box series due to the set being released in two  parts. It is unlikely that Disney will bring out a tray of 4 in the set and then a set of 2 more in trays later in the year. This also means that, as far as we can remember (correct us if we are wrong Vinyl experts), this is the first open box set to be available widely this is the second full open box set available on and in the UK stores and we think it’s a great move! Last year saw the release of the Nightmare before Christmas set and we have also see the twin pack Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Why? I hear you ask. One of the things we go on about on the Disneybrit Podcast and that people do not a) understand the etiquette of Vinylmation and b) have a clue what they are. If these series are open box, people will clearly be able to see what they are. Not only that but due to the nature of the set, might make people more inclined to pick them up. Who wouldn’t want an 80’s dale to represent their childhood?

Although not all of the figures have a full concept are available we have got these to show you:

News is also pretty sketchy on price but expect it to once again be round the £8.00 mark. Also, keep an eye on stores over the coming weekend. Many have been known to release ahead of their release date. Nothing like getting in on the weekend sales for many.

Your thoughts?

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

6 thoughts on “Vinylmation Tunes to Hit UK Shelves and Online This Monday”
  1. I think this is the first open box series we have been able to get. Cars was just that 2 in one pack, and the Flags UK one is part of a bigger series but we can only access one of them.

  2. We had nightmare before Christmas open window plus the card 2 pack.

    Great news…always nice to see new items.

      1. Been informed by Caroline that it was more than that. So that NBC might count lol. Northern rule still stands for future VM releases 🙂

  3. Double YAY!
    All I’m thinking is why Donald and Dale are released at a later date. Does nobody think the UK could get these as early releases? Considering one has the British flag on his t-shirt.

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