Amelia has found a document from Want Disney Productions highlighting her Grandfathers work “Orbit’s Story”.


It Reads June 23, 1952.

Mr. Moreau,
We have become aware of your work, “Orbit’s Story” and were impressed with it’s unique vision. We wish to acquire the rights to this work and would like to discuss the possibilities of developing this work into other mediums, including but not limited to: feature films, television series and theme park attractions. We would also like to set up a meeting to discuss other works that you may have completed, and a potential staff position with our story department working on the Special Projects Team. Please contact our story department at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you.

  • The date is 1952 – This was the original title for Bard Bird’s Tomorrowland film
  • This letter predates the WED one by 12 years.
  • It mentions the Special Projects Team


By Alan

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