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I arrived at WDW at 6am. There was just a small line of about 30 people at the monorail gate. A group of us knew we had to get over at the MK gate ASAP to get at merchandise and early entry into the park. They told us the monorail would not run until at least 7. So we walked over to the bus terminal and they provided a bus for the 10 of us who asked. At the MK gate, there were about 200 guests lined up. By 7am, easily more than double that. At 7 they let us in the turnstiles. At 7.45, they let us into the park. People then could go purchase merchandise or secure their spot for the ceremony and parade. Festivities begin shortly after 9am.

Free buttons being given out at the park to guests

The 10am parade was over in a flash. It was only a parade of characters, no floats. The classic characters, followed by the prince and princesses, followed by all the classic move characters from Alice, Toy Story and others. The music was classic park music from the different milesto e years. They then gathered on stage for a speech by Meg Crofton. It was about a 10 minute presentation that ended with a singing of “If You Wish Upon A Star.” It was small, but as people remarked, its only the 40… Wait til 50.

Now i stand in line for my 11am date with the merchandise inside the Diamond Horseshoe. They have LE stuff for wristband people first and a huge standby line.

40th Merchandise


Noah is signing merchandise.


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