Today saw the arrival of the first four of the new Vinylmation Tunes series and. it seems, the departure of another. For the first time we have had chance to take a proper look at the actual Tunes and the box it arrives in. As we expected, the new series is open box.

The first four in the set are now available from the Disney Store website with both Donald and Dale released later in the year. There has been reports that not all stores have received stock yet and some Scottish locations will not get them until Wednesday. Early reports suggest that each store has around 10 of each Vinyl and some UK collectors have begun ringing their local stores to reserve them to collect. If you are planning on buying them online, there is one little trick you must use. When searching for the Vinyls, make sure to search for Vinylmations. Missing off the ‘S’ will only return three of the four in your search. Let’s take a look at the first image of the finished products

As we welcome the Tunes to the UK it seems we may be finally saying goodbye to an old timer. As the Vinylmation Tunes appeared online it seems that the Disney Store website has finally run out of Have a Laugh

Although we never expected them to last forever it does leave us with a somewhat depleted selection. It also means that the UK doesn’t have any blind box sets to collect online. There are still some available in store and a handful; of locations still have Urban 5 but it leaves us wondering what the next blind box set will be. Are we expecting it the be the 25th anniversary set or will Disney have something up their sleeve beforehand. With the early departure of Furry Friends it does mean that there needs to be a shift in the strategy of the Disney Store to make sure their is supply for what seems to be the ever increasing demand of the UK Vinylmation fans.

What do you think is coming next?