It doesn’t matter how much we try to cover Disneyland Paris they still refuse to announce anything and this means that something has evaded the Disney community since its arrival on 1st July. The Hotel New York has had it fake ice rink for well over a year and this means that the surface can be used for much more than skating. This summer, the skates have been retired for something much more physical, Zorbing balls.

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Guests can enjoy 10 minutes rolling around the Rockerfella Plaza rink for 10 Euros, not bad at a Euro a minute. The best bit about all this? The name, “Rolling Balls”, how very imaginative!!!

This attraction is open to guests aged 3 years and up and is open from 6pm to 11:30pm.  The attraction will remain until September 30 and then we expect ice skating to return for the winter season. Be aware that Disney have placed a warning on the poster that the “attraction may be suspended without prior notice, notably in case of inclement weather conditions.”


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