What a great line up of stuff to spend money on while at Star Wars Weekends this year!

Personally, I am most excited for the Disney Characters as Star Wars set of 6 open window figures. You can see the line up here at Destination Vinylmation. Revealed today were shots of Vader Goofy with a cape and Leia Minnie with buns!!! That pin is fantastic, with Darth Maul Donald being the headline character this year. I already have that set of pins you see above with Stormtroppers on Toy Story Midway Mania. The other 3 in the set include Yoda on Small World and Darth and Ghost Obi-Wan on Haunted Mansion… get it? There are also pins with “pieces of the Death Star.” A humorous take on the pieces of the attractions series of pins released from time to time.

The images above are the logos featured on a few of the tee-shirts. There also promises to be an annual passholder exclusive Darth Maul tee.

A brilliant beach towel! I will be walking around WDW with that wrapped around my waist… yes ladies, unfortunately I’ll have to wear a shirt too. And I will now have to upgrade to an iphone 4s to pick up that LE 1999 case. 1999 being the year of Phantom Menace’s release… Episode I being a big part of this year’s theme.

An oversized tote, buttons and oh ya, how about a name tag with your name in Aurebesh?

Many cool tees…

and watches too. I can’t wait for Star Wars Weekends… and neither can Disney’s cash registers!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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