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I find it slightly irritating when Walt Disney World fans are never satisfied. Sure, I not only want more entertainment, but also the best. But sometimes people just have to find the fault in everything. And that I’m sure extends across all facets of life, but it seems particularly true to Disney fans.


Let’s talk about Limited Time Magic. In case you are not familiar with this promotion, here is an excerpt from Disney’s website: “Throughout 2013, Limited Time Magic will surprise and delight Guests in fanciful and unexpected ways at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. New entertainment and imaginative events will only happen at certain times of the year—so be sure to take advantage of these opportunities while they’re here.”

Here is a quick look at some of the events that were held at Walt Disney World so far. The first week of 2013 saw a New Year’s Stage show held in Tomorrowland. Stitch came out on stage dressed as Elvis! How cool is that?

Photo from the Orlando Sentinal

At Long Lost Friends, we got meet and greets with characters such as Robin Hood, Scrooge and the Three Little Pigs. People nit picked at the choices as not “Lost” enough. Characters like Scrooge and Clarabelle can be found on current parade floats and along the WDW Marathon route. Sure, would I want to see the Mad Hatter with over-sized head or the Epcot World Showcase characters. I’ve heard people ask for Hunchback or Kingdom Heats characters. But it was still an appreciated extra and a magical experience that people made a special trip to the Kingdom for and lined up for hours to do.

Disney Long Lost Friends 012713 018

Valentine’s Day was wonderful with little extras spread across the park for the week. A few nuggets were the “True Love” banner across the tunnel entrance, the princes paired with the princesses for photo ops and the even smaller gestures like a Valentine from Minnie to Mickey pinned on the board inside the Town Square meet and greet.

Photo from WDW News Today

Most recently, the week long President’s Day celebration blew me away. Such a simple idea. Put the Voices of Liberty up on stage at the America Gardens Theater. Have them do a 30 minute performance. Intersperse some presidential quotes with patriotic music. And you have a moving performance that at times gave me chills. Again, the details. The New old school Epcot signage. The red, white and blue flowers at the edge of the stage. And the absolutely moving performance of Golden Dream, the song that plays at the end of the American Adventure show.

iphone 022213 218

Disneyland often gets special extras like the holiday overlays in the attractions. The reason given for this is that Disneyland’s attendance is made up of a majority of locals, where as Walt Disney World’s is a majority of out-of-towners. So let’s take advantage of this special year of extras at the Walt Disney World Resort enjoy it to its full extent. The fun part is there is such a variety, you are bound to find the experience perfect for you.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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