Day 3 – La Spezia

La Spezia was to be our port of call for both Florence and Pisa. Although we had pre-bought cheap train tickets, we decided not to head to Pisa as many had said to us inboard that it really isn’t worth the hour and a quarter train ride. We knew we would visit this part of the world again so instead we opted for a lie in and a wander around the town of La Spezia.

Today, climbing aboard was once again by tender but boats we regular enough not to warrant a long line. The 10 minute journey took us the small harbour right by the local shopping district.


After a short walk we found a picturesque town full of local shops, mostly closed. Apparently they don’t do Monday mornings. I wish I could do the same!

After a wander through the town we found a local grocer where picked ip so local produce (very cheap) and then walked back in the direction of the port picking up our first Italian ice cream on the way.


Arriving at the port the tender was just leaving. It meant a relaxing 15 minute wait for the next. So, off came the shoes and we dangled our legs over the harbour wall awaiting the next tender. Eventually, having boarded the tender, we arrived back aboard around 1.30, in rime for a late lunch from Pinocchio’s Pizzeria.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of sunbathing around the Quiet Cove pool (and maybe a little sleeping!) followed by another round of Disney trivia in the Promenade lounge. Yes, I won again! I must keep my Disney Geek away!!!

There was time for a quick shower before heading down to tonight’s show, Villians Tonight. Think Disney bad guys meets vaudeville cabaret meets popular culture references. Very funny and very entertaining.

We decided to skip the entertainment before dinner and instead got a drink and headed to the little known deck 7 aft sun deck. From here we could enjoy the sailaway. Surprisingly, no one else joined so we watched the sun set over the hills in total tranquility.


Dinner was next and this evening we returned to Lumiere’s for our French dinner. For starters I opted for Escargot (snails in English) and they were pretty good! I followed that with Mrs Potts French onion soup and the the Beef Tenderloin. Dessert was tricky as I couldn’t decide which of two I preferred so, I had both!! A vanilla souflee and a brioche bread pudding, both were good.

One thing I forgot to mention was the sea. After leaving La Spezia the sea became a little rocky. I am lucky that I do not suffer from sea sickness but one of our tables mates does. It is great to see the wait staff in the restaurant give out seacalm to guests as well as suggest Ginger Ale to drink as it apparently helps settle the stomach.

By 10.30 it was time to retire to bed as the next day will begin at 6.30am! It is amazing to think that a rocking ship really helps you to get to sleep!

Tomorrow we head out on an excursion to Rome.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. Mate I cannot believe you went all that way and never went to Florence. One of the most romantic places on earth. Everythin is in walking distance unlike Rome. So many galleries and churches. Shane o. You. Would have been ai romantic and it’s not like you have your son with you to stop those kissy moments ­čÖé

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