The Disney Parks Blog have released a new video showing details of the latest interactive queue developments at Big Thunder Mountain. The new additions are to bulk out the story and give guests a more believable experience. As you enter the current attraction, there is nothing to show you that it could be a working gold mine.

The new additions are based heavily on the blasting of gold nuggets. You will enter a section of queue where you will see blasting cabinets and lots and lots of explosives,


Some of the explosives may pay tribute to attractions concepts of the past. The Western RIver Expedition was planned to be a boat ride attraction on the same plot of land that Big Thunder Mountain now occupies.




After you have seen the stock of explosives you will move onto areas with detonators.


If you are lucky you may be involved with setting off a few explosions


This isn’t a new Gold miner, but the beard make him look the part. Apparently there is Gold in them thar hills!


Other interactive elements will include underground vision tubes to see the workers underground. An air supply chamber, where you will be involved with heling keep the flow of breathable air to the minors below. Imagineering say you will test the quality. I’m thinking this means that there may be some odorous elements here!!





By Alan

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