Disney have release concept art and some information about what you will expect to see indie the Side show tent. I’ll not hide teh fact that so far I’m disapointed in a way, but in the whole it is a good thing. Let me explain.

Disney have said that in one of the big tents in Storybook Circus is Pete’s Silly Sideshow Meet & Greet!  Inside the tent you will have the option to see either Minnie and Daisy or Goofy and Donald, via the choice of two lines. Daisy is dressed up as a fortune telling psychic, while Minnie is a Circus performing starlet. Goofy if portraying the Great Goofini, a role he is already renown for around these parts, while Donald is the great Donaldo, snake charming extrodiaire!

Here is the art for the scenes.

With out question the character meet and greets will be some of the best available on property as they’ll follow the suit of the Town Square Theater. I only wish that the side show was more about carnival games, real circus oddities and performers. Had I taken the sideshow thing too literally? At the very least I’d love to see Pete holding the door at the front, trying to charge top $$ to get in.

By Alan

Alan has been part of the Disney fan community since early 2000. He has worked on and built many fan websites including hiddenwdw.com and hiddendlrp.com. So If your looking for the best secrets of Walt Disney World or Secrets of the Magic Kingdom You can currently join him, Adam and Juz on the Disney Brit Podcast.

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