I’d love to start off today’s blog by telling you how wonderful Italy is and how amazing the Leaning Tower of Pisa looks but the truth is, that would be lying. Having visited La Spezia 2 years ago on the 7 night cruise we decided not to get off the ship and instead look at Italy from afar. Excursions ashore were long and often expensive and to get to Pisa ourselves would require a train journey of over an hour, stare at the tower for 10 minutes and then return. Instead we decided to stay on the ship and try our own challenge – the Table Service Triple. Each meal of the day to be eaten ins table service restaurant onboard. We began the day with breakfast in Lumieres. Unsure on which menu item I wanted I decided to go for both – Eggs Benedict and the Disney Cruise Line Trio (pancakes, waffles and French toast with bacon). Along with a good glug of coffee it set us up for the day. Next was a swift stop at the room to grab our swimming stuff and the next few hours was spent dipping in and out of the Mickey and Goofy pool and the Mickey slide. As midday came round, it was clear we hadn’t eaten for a few hours and that meant Harry dug in to a plate of hot dog and fries (the amount of time I’ve been told they don’t have chips!!!). It was a quick change again before checking in to the kids club so the grown ups could enjoy sit down meal 2 of the day. It’s not everyday that you have a 3 course lunch but then again, it’s not everyday you get it for free. I. Egan with an assortment of Antipasto, followed by meatballs and linguini in a tomato sauce and top all that off with apple crumble and ice cream. Yes, I know, FAT!!

After lunch we took a walk to the seating area in the adult only Quiet Cove and partook in a game of Scarbble (yes, we are that cool!) before I took a trip to the Promenade Lounge for a quiz afternoon. Disney’s version of the Wheel of Fortune followed by Cruisin for Trivia! Myself and my new friend Barb from Atlanta were on one team and as much as we knew the answers the wheel had a convenient knack of hitting bankrupt and we didn’t beat the other time. I faired much better in the cruisin for trivia quiz (on my own I might add as Barb had to go) and scored a respectable 19 out of 25. Not bad considering some questions included such things as “What is the capital of Nebraska?”

5pm came and the smallest member of our group needed collecting from the Oceaneers Club. Apparently there was an attempt to extract him earlier but Mum was told under no uncertain terms to go away because “I don’t want to go, I want to play”. This time, it was much more successful and on the walk back to the room I was gold all about the bookmark he made and the story Belle told when she visited them all earlier. That was followed swiftly by “when am I going back?”

The theatre show was presented by visiting artists this evening. Junk, the UK music and comedy act were back to present their full stage show and it was very good indeed. Harry wasn’t interested so he had headed back to the Oceaneers Club and we collected him for dinner.

Dinner this evening was in Parrot Cat where we enjoyed flavours of the word. A mixture of cuisine from many countries and it seemed that several were taken from World Showcase restaurants. I was please to see Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup of which was just as good as the Le Cellier Version.

Having had a late night at Iron Man 3 the evening before it was to be an early night (well, 11pm). To or row we venture to Civitavecchia, gateway to Rome.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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