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The day after the Seals’ daring raid on the al-Qaeda leader’s lair in Abbottobad, Pakistan, Disney filed an application to trademark the name “Seal Team 6” with the US Patent Office.

It would allow them to use the name in entertainment and video games, and for toys and merchandising.

The US Navy has now filed its own applications to trademark the names “Navy Seal” for posters and clothing, and also “Seal Team.” In its application it described the unit as one that “develops and executes military missions involving special operations strategy, doctrine and tactics.”

Two other variations of the name have already been trademarked by a watch company.

Not having the trademaerk would stop the Navy from producing merchandise with the name of the unit on it.

Mark Wartzecha, a Flordia trademark lawyer, told Fox News the Navy and Disney might both be able to use the name.

He said: “Disney filed in the category of entertainment. Maybe they want to come out with an amusement park ride and the Navy’s not in that business. If Disney decides they’re going to invade countries then there might be an issue.”

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