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Welcome to Show 172 of the DisneyBrit Podcast. Join Adam and Alan as they chat about the latest news to come out of Disney.

This week we look at The news about Disneyland Paris and their Price enquiry that is being looked at. Are they fixing the prices depending upon where you live?
Also Adam has been unfortunate enough to visit Dismaland, the new Banksy art exhibition in Weston Super Mere.

We hope you enjoy this episode.
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5 thoughts on “Disney Brit Podcast – Show 172 – Dismaland”
  1. Great show. the pricing thing has been going on for years, the only difference now is the thing about them trying to stop cards from overseas but they will talk to you on the French telephone number in English. Bit for offsite stays don’t forget their annual pass prices are as cheap as a 3-4 day pass And you get to go back with free park tickets!

  2. The pricing structure seems like a nonsense now. Many people on the Facebook DLP for Brits page who buy packages seem to shop around all the European sites for the best price. I wonder how they’ll price the packages for the Rundisney weekend?

  3. Great show guys. With regards to the DLP price fixing article, DLP has always honoured any offer they have running in any country when you book. If you see a good offer on the French site you can call the French booking number and book it, it’s very easy to do.

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