The Disney Store in the UK has been selling pins for a couple of years now and there has been increasing concern by fans over the operation of pin releases and availability. To help avoid any further issue, they are offering you the chance to give your opinion on Disney Pins in the UK. They released this statement today

Dear Disney UK Pin Traders and Collectors,
We know that in recent months there has been much speculation regarding the future of Disney Pins being sold in UK Disney Stores and at We can confirm that Disney Store UK intends to continue offering Disney Pins for sale.
Much of this speculation has come about from the declining announcements regarding upcoming releases. In addition, some distribution and systems issues have caused some erratic Pin availability on recent releases. Please accept a big Disney apology from us all here at the Disney Store for any problems or delays caused in obtaining recent Pin releases.
As most of you know, Disney Store UK has been selling Pins for over two years now. We have seen many great Pin designs covering a wide variety of Disney characters and films. We have had some Pins that sold out very quickly and some are still around today. We have enjoyed a mix of edition sizes, along with some real gems, like the Sword Series.
Although in total, Disney Pins are only a very small part of the offering at Disney Store, we are committed to maintaining availability of Pins going forward. However, the time has come to review our approach to ensure we can give it the right level of focus alongside all the other great products we develop for our Stores and our Online Store.
Until we finalise our longer term strategy, which will take a few months, we would like to share some key points to look out for in the short term. Keep in mind, that once we have finalised our strategy, it takes many months to design, manufacture and distribute the new Pins.

• We are discontinuing our Core Pin range after the Nala and Stitch on a bike release. We will then continue with Limited Edition Pins.
• We will release one new Limited Edition Pin instore and online every two weeks for the foreseeable future. In addition, we will release one Online Exclusive Limited Edition Pin every 6 weeks.
• We have announced the first of our new limited Edition Pins (‘101 50th Anniversary’ and an Online Exclusive with ‘Ratigan’ from Basil The Great Mouse Detective.
• We will continue to advertise new releases two weeks in advance within this Pin section on
• The future of Pin Trading in our Stores is still under review and we will share details at a later stage. Although we have no more Lanyard Pins in production at this time, we have not ruled out further production once we agree a future plan for Pin Trading. We have some designs already prepared if we move forward.

As a ‘sneak peek’, some of the upcoming releases include a fantastic new ‘Jasmine in the hour-glass’ and our first ‘Rapunzel’. There is also a great Pocahontas Pin, which will please many of you. Keep checking for the latest Pinformation.

Finally, to help us have the best possible information when finalising our strategy in the coming months, we invite you to complete the Pin Survey below. This will be invaluable information for us. Thank you all for your continued support and passion for Disney Pins.


By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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