On Saturday 28th May 2011, the Disney Store will open its flagship store in Oxford Street London. The store will open at 9am with a grand opening ceremony. Although there is no news on the characters and celebrity that may open the venue expect to at least see Mickey Mouse. The new store will feature all the elements found in the Imagination Park stores along with some special bespoke elements, making this a tourist destination let alone store.

We plan to hold a meet at the grand opening starting as 7am. Yes, that’s right, 7am! We can enjoy the grand opening together and take a tour of the new look store. Want to join us? Click here to join the Facebook event group and we’ll see you there.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

6 thoughts on “Disneybrit Meet at the The Disney Store, Oxford Street Opening.”
  1. Hi Adam,

    Do you know what time the store is oppening on Thursday, and if there will be characters??

    1. 7am is so that we are there at the front for the opening. Making sure we get a good spot to see everything that is going on.

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