After months of speculation as to the exact date the new World of Disney Store will open within Disneyland Paris’ Disney Village, Disney have release an opening date and it’s just in time for the summer. There was rumour that the opening had been delayed until September due to construction but it seems they ave kept schedule and we will be getting the new store in July.


From 12th July, the new World of Disney boutique opens its doors to the public. Located at the entrance of Disney Village, it will be the third boutique of this name to come to life at a Disney park after Florida and California.

With more than 1,400m² of retail space, World of Disney inaugurates a new world where shopping becomes an invitation of discovery. Unique in the purest Disney tradition, World of Disney is a magical place where Mickey and has friends have gathered together their favourite products in every category from the four corners of the earth for everyone from visitors to Disney fans.

Inspired by the Art Deco style, the architecture of the World of Disney building pays homage to the “grand magasins” of Paris, to help make it the flagship boutique of Disneyland Paris.

Location: Disney Village

Construction continues this past week with a suprise addition. The old World of Disney Store located in New York had two bronze statues above the stores sign. This, in true Disney style, have been recycled and will be seen as statues on either side of the stores main entrance (you can see them in the concept art above) @Inside_DLP, managed to get a photos of each as they began installation. Take a look below

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