For the past few years, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have worked under the banner of “Disney Parks” and many of its celebrations have intertwined. This year’s celebration “Let The Memories Begin” has followed in the same light. Within days of each other, the two parks have debuted the same castle projection show with some tweaks but the concept has only ever been US based. This year, it seems that Disneyland Paris are getting in on the act.

Back in 2010, Disneyland Paris announced they would be bringing a new theme to the parks, entitled the “Magical Moments Festival”

The theme is to bring a new, possibly, nighttime only, stage show, new meet and greet locations and much, much more. It seemed Disneyland Paris were once again going it alone until they launched the website Disneymotion along with Disney World. The website invited guests to upload their own videos in two distinct areas. It reads:

“Take one: Did you capture your child’s excitement on hearing the news that they’re going on a Disney holiday? OR Take two: Did you record a magical moment at either Disneyland®Paris or Walt Disney World?”

It was an intriguing move and somewhat unexpected. But imagine our surprise when DLRPToday uncovered a new teaser trailer for the event.

It seems that Disneyland Paris are joining the ever popular theme of the USA. It could be due to budget. As we mentioned in a previous post, Disney do seem to be copying a lot of ideas for several parks at the moment. It could also be the ease of a new theme just before the 20th anniversary. The work has mostly been done and it leaves the creative team to work on something big for 2012. The most interesting part of the video for me, was the inclusion of the old Roger Rabbit float. Is this something subliminal or just a chance to bring up some old footage? Or, is it just simply the fact that the float has the word “surprise” written on the front?

What ever the reason, we will be there in 2011 to find out just what is coming for the Magical Moments Festival.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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