We reported a little while back that Disneyland Paris was to introduce a new system for official photos- the Disney Photopass.

In the US, guests are able to pick up a Photopass card and use it in any park to store all of their photos taken by official Photopass photographers. There is no need to even look at your photos while on vacation as Disney have a smart system that allows you to look at them online for up to 30 days after you return. Not only that, but guests have the choice to customise photos with borders, backgrounds and even special photos containing animated Disney character. Want Tinkerbell in your hand on Main Street? No problem! Want Baby Simba in your arms in Animal Kingdom? You got it.

When we heard Disneyland Paris was bringing Photopass to the resort we were really pleased. Then, they let us have the details. Take a look at the card thanks to InsideDLParis on Twitter.

You’ll notice one major difference. There seems to be a lack of anything that says Photopass and instead we have a Photo Souvenir. This is the same logo as we found on the old paper tickets after a photo had been taken. It seems we are getting less of a photopass and more of an economical way of keeping your photos safe. Taking a look at the back of the card we see just what the park is offering.

The card now allows you to store more than one photo with a unique bar code but you must still look at the photos before you leave the resort to return home. Good news, you can now look at the photos no matter which park you are in and which park they were taken. Previously, guests could only look at photos taken in that park. There was no way of looking at Walt Disney Studios photos in the Disneyland Park. There was also no way of looking at them in Disney Village. These are big improvements. Also good news is the addition of locations found within the resort hotel. As to the length of time guests can look at the photos we are not sure. We doubt it will be the same 30 days but long enough for the average stay of a guest.

What do you think? Should Disney have jumped straight in to the full system offered at the US parks?

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

One thought on “Disneyland Paris Photopass Not What We Expected”
  1. Hi,
    I just visited Disneyland Paris last week. I also expected the photo pass in Paris to be the same than in Orlando. But as you mentioned, you can not look at the photos online and they are only available for 7 days in about 9 shops.


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