Disney today released information on their big recruitment drive for Disneyland Paris talent. Below is the company’s press release:

Disneyland Paris is launching a recruitment campaign throughout 12 European countries. Until 16 June 2011 it will target Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and France. The number one European tourist destination, Disneyland Paris expects to recruit 3000 new talents for the new year-long season, Disney Magical Moments Festival.

With over 14, 000 employees representing nearly 100 different nationalities and with more than 500 different trades on the site, Disneyland Paris is one of the most dynamic recruiters on the market. In 2010, Disneyland Paris recruited over 2,500 employees in the sectors of hospitality, sales and catering, and in its support divisions (marketing, legal, communications, Human Resources etc.).

The candidates chosen will sign their contracts as of February 2011. These contracts may be offered to beginners as well as to experienced professionals, since the only prerequisites are age (one must be at least 18 years old) and have a good knowledge of French and English. All the candidates selected will have the opportunity of being housed in one of the Disney residences near the parks.

The company will offer its future employees on-the-field training and thus allow them to develop their capacities and to acquire experience that is highly valued on the employment market. Last year nearly 400 closed-end work contracts were turned into open-end work contracts.

To reach the objectives it has set and to multiply the opportunities for meeting the recruitment teams, Disneyland Paris will be setting up periodic interviews in Italy, Spain, England and France. During the campaign, the persons in charge of recruitment will go to these countries once a month, in search of future Disneyland Paris employees.
First dates for the recruitment tour:

In France
• 19 January in Nantes
• 20 January in Bordeaux
• 16 February in Strasburg
• 16 March in Aix-en-Provence

In other European countries
• 28 and 29 January in Turku, Finland
• 26 and 27 January in Stockholm, Sweden
• 31 January and 01 February in Tallinn, Estonia
• 2 and 3 February in Riga, Latvia
• 4 February in Copenhagen, Denmark and in London, England
• 9 and 10 February, in Rome, Italy
• 15 and 16 February, in Madrid, Spain
• 2 March in Newcastle, England
• 21 March in Sofia, Bulgaria
• 23 March in Bucharest, Romania and Warsaw, Poland

The candidates who wish to meet Disneyland Paris human resources teams for an interview during one of these trips, or to know the exact dates for the recruitment sessions, must first register on the website: www.disneylandparis-casting.com or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/disneylandpariscasting.

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