It is rare for Disneyland Park to reach its capacity of 80,000 Guests, but early this morning it became full and Cast Members had to turn Guests away. I guess a lot of Guests had the same idea and decided to start their Christmas festivities at our European Magic Kingdom?

Park Full!

Waiting times for some of the attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Space Mountain: Mission 2 were as long as 2 hours! At one point today both Swiss Family Treehouse and Le Mysteres du Nautilus had a 15 minute queue


It has become clear that the reason for the sudden influx of guests is due to free tickets being given to national
Unions who then distributed them to their members. These tickets included entry to the park as well as travel. It’s no surprise it reached such capacity
Many Guests!

The park’s high wait times did last most of the day. Times weren’t helped by multiple breakdowns on Big Thunder Mountain amongst other closures. Ride times did begin to return to normal around 8pm with shorter queues at those rides experiencing long waits earlier in the day

Full Park 2

It is also expected that tomorrow will be just as busy!

Are you there this weekend?

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