We have been given a tip off that Disney is looking at an opening date of March 2016 to debut the new night time spectacular, Rivers of Light. Although we must stress that this is a provisional date and although it gives Disney just under two years to create and construct the new show it is a moveable date and the chances are it might not stay this way.

Although our source has confirmed that the current schedule sees a March 2016 opening, there is a lot of work to be done between now and then. Not only does the infrastructure for the show need putting in place, but the viewing area also needs development. At present, the pathways around the proposed site aren’t wide enough and, according to the concept art, it seems there is a possible seating area being constructed too.

We look forward to hearing more about what is to come but please don’t start planning your March 2016 trips to see it, just in case.

New Details on ÒRivers of LightÓ Nighttime Spectacular Coming to DisneyÕs Animal Kingdom

By Adam

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