Today, Disney announced the release of their popular Mobile Magic app for the iPhone.According to the Disney Parks Blog. The blog says:

” Mobile Magic, our first official Disney Parks app, has hit the iPhone and it’s now ready for you to download for free from iTunes.

And Disney Parks and Verizon have another exciting update to share today. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you now have access to new premium features, including videos and games within the app.

Verizon Premium Features

  • More than 100 behind-the-scenes, seasonal, sneak peak videos.
  • ‘Pirates’ games that test your knowledge of the famous attraction.
  • Guess the character before the timer expires with Disney Character Puzzle.
  • Find out which character is most like you with the Disney Character Quiz.”

They even included some screen shots of what guests can enjoy.

Imagine my excitement to discover that the app we have been talking about on the for all this time has finally made it to an Apple device. We discussed, at length, on several occasions about how this needed to be the next step and we are so pleased to see they have. “Great”, I thought and headed over to the link that would open up the app store ready to get this Disney store app on to my precious iPhone.

I click the link, say yes to the warning screen and let it open up iTunes. Finally I get an official Disney fix about parks on my phone. According to their iTunes page I can get the following great features:

Even better, so I click on the Free App button and I get………..

WHAT?!?!?! A Disney planning tool that gives you access to such great information and Disney have limited access to the US only? Yes, I know Verizon is a US based company but what about those people from the UK that want to use their data in the US when in the parks. This puts the UK visitors to the park at a disadvantage to those that are US residents. We are constantly baffled by Disney’s need to segregate the US and the rest of the World. We look at the recent Insidears website and now this. Come on Disney, a great idea like this should be available to all. If you really want us to have the best vacation in the Happiest Place on Earth give us the tools to do it. It’s funny how third party providers ( for example offer their product in the UK but Disney don’t. Yet, at the same time, if it’s an app that isn’t free (Disney Digital Books, Where’s My Water etc) they can’t wait to get it to the UK market. I don’t usually like to rant and be negative about Disney but on this occasion I think they have got this very, very wrong. So, we now need a #SaveUKDisneyApps as well as our Vinylmation Campaign!

Shame on you Disney, we pay enough to get the tools everyone else does!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

2 thoughts on “Disney’s Mobile Magic Released for iPhone But Brits Miss Out”
  1. If you really did want the app, you could make an account on the US iTunes Store. Download it, switch back to UK when you’re done. Worked for. However Disney shouldn’t have us doing this in first place.

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