Nick is enjoying a day at Epcot joining in with all the Pixar fun and he will be sending us blog updates as he day progresses. Keep checking back today for his updates

Great day so far at Pixar weekend in Epcot. The event opened at 11am and we got right in the world showplace to meet some pixar favorites. The lines were no longer than 20 minutes. Many as short as 10. Mater and the Incredibles had the shortest wait. The Incredibles rotated Mr and Mrs Incredible with Mr Incredible and Frozone. Up had the longest wait. Most people looking for a picture with SQUIRREL! Oh, sorry, Doug was the big draw. Even thought we just meet, Doug loved me! He let me pet him. Carl, Russell and Doug rotated in and out 2 at a time. Carl was grumpy and had to sit on his steps to rest now and then. Mosters Inc. was fun. Guest got to meet either Mike and Sulley or a pair of monsters. The big surprise was when Boo hopped out to join Mike and Sulley for pictures occasionally as well. The crowed erupted in cheers when they saw her. Boo snuck up behind me and Sulley tried to scare me as well. Unfortunately, at the Toy Story meet and greet, Lotso did NOT smell like strawberries. But he was unusually nice for a mean bear. I tripped over mr potato head, but he seemed ok. He reassembled rather easily.

Ill be back with another Pixar weekend update later today as we make our way around the park!

UPDATE 6.49 pm (1.49pm EST)

No Characters are signing. NONE!

UPDATE 9.34pm (4.34pm EST)
Next i went over to mission space to meet Buzz Lightyear. He was a blast. I pulled out my Buzz vinylmation and it confused him. I told him he was just a toy too. He took his Buzz vinylmation and played with it, took some pictures and then went back to work protecting the galaxy.

Then we went to France to check on Remy and Emille. They were distracted by some garbage on the ground, but then took a picture with me by Marie’s usual spot,


This is Nick again with an end of day recap. After that last update from France, we were very tired. It was the warmest day of the year in Orlando, easily in the upper 90’s. So here is what happened after meeting the stars of Ratatouille. We walked over to Morocco to see Flick and Atta from A Bug’s Life.Very short wait all day for them. 5 minutes at most. We moved on to the American Pavilion to try to meet Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. It being outdoors, and so very hot, they were only let outside for very short periods and at sparse intervals. We never got to meet them. But we did collect our 2nd sticker in the Cars Race Around the World passport. That is a fun little collectible you pick up at the showcase entrance, collect 6 stickers from various KidCot locations, and when your passport is full, you get a nice Cars Button commemorating the day.

On the way back toward the World Showplace, we got an unexpected surprise! At the Bug’s Life meet and greet was Slim… a huge and wonderfully done character making a really nice picture.

Next, we headed back toward the World Showplace near the UK Pavilion and meet up with these guys. The new band at the UK Pavilion, The English Channel, really sounded good. We only caught the last few songs in the set, welcomed the guys to EPCOT, and moved on… there was still some unfinished business.

Inside the World Showplace again, we met up with Mater and Mr. Incredible. Both incredibly short waits still. Once again, the longest waits were for UP and Monsters Inc. Expect a 20-30 minute wait for them. Not too bad at Disney and probably due to the no autographs policy.

Finally, we headed over to The Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. Besides Wall-E, it is the only Pixar movie not represented with a character meet and greet. But they did have these very cool looking Coral Stilt Walkers.

And that was it. Very well worth the trip to EPCOT if you can get there this weekend. The Pixar meet and greets open at 11am and close at 6:30pm. Expect a full day if you wish to collect pics with everyone. Some lines will require 2 waits to see them all. The only 2 I missed that I would have wanted were Bullseye and Russell. I missed Woody, Jessie, and Frozone as well… but I already have pics with those 3 from elsewhere in the parks.

Did you go to Pixar Weekend? What are your thoughts? I’ll post more pictures soon. Busy weekend. Must get some sleep then off to the D23: Destination D event at WDW.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. So very jealous, some absolutely awesome photos, stop picking on Dug !! :o)

    Looks like an amazing time for guests…

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