by Nick LoCicero

Construction on Disney’s new Art of Animation resort is well underway. We took a look from above this week to see just how far along it has progressed. The resort consists of four themed areas… Cars, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and The Lion King.

The Cars buildings are some of the most far along. You can see sally drawn along the side of this building. Here is some concept art to give you an idea of what the Cars buildings will look like:
All the different lands have buildings painted like sketch pads filled with drawings of characters from the movies. In some of the following pictures, you can spot different elements, such as the billboards, already in place.
Some of the sketch pads still sit empty.
Here is the unfinished courtyard.
Soon however, the courtyard will be filled with interactive elements like in the concept art above.
Another courtyard shot.
In this picture, you can see Luigi on the top building. The building in the foreground belongs to the Finding Nemo area.
Another sketchpad with Guido and one with Nemo in the background. The Sketch pads on the ends of the building will have full color characters coming to life.
The mural on the courtyard wall.
Overview of Cars area.
A peak from Cars into the Nemo area. The Finding Nemo buildings are the most complete.
This is the entrance to the Finding Nemo area. The bridge at the bottom connects Art of Animation with the Pop Century Resort.
You can see the pool and many features such as the coral are already in place.
Squirt adorns these sketch pads.
Another look at the coral and Squirt.
Here you can see Nemo, Pearl and a peak at the courtyard wall.
A closer look inside the courtyard.
That right there is Crush. It will be a big statue in the courtyard.
For reference, here is the concept art with Crush and other elements in the courtyard.
Overview of Nemo area.
Dory is on the sketchpad on the side of one wall.
The “Mine” Seagulls!
I know its blurry, but I wanted to show you how they are perched atop wooden poles.
The Lion King courtyard. Not much to see yet.
Some of the courtyard walls are painted.
You can see the jungle scene. But no sketch pad drawings yet.
Some concept art of what is to come.
The buildings for The Little Mermaid section are up.
But no artwork yet.
Overview of The Little Mermaid buildings.
This concept art shows the lively courtyard that will be.
Next are some general overviews of the resort. Here you can see Hollywood Studios and Everest in the background.
Flying up on the resort from the south.
Another overview.
Art of Animation Resort buildings.

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Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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