When did you first visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris and how many times have you been since?
I first visited WDW in 2001 when I was 17 with my parents and during the same trip went on a 7 night Disney cruise on the Magic (Eastern Caribbean Cruise).

As a celebration for finishing uni my family (this time including Joe) went to Disney World for 14 nights in 2007, we loved it all so much we returned in 2008 and 2009. In between these visits Joe and I have visited DLRP every year from 2008 – 2011 at least once (usually for 4 nights 5 days)  and were joined by mum and dad this year for as surprise for Mum’s 60th (our first time driving). Next trip Disneyland Anaheim Sept/Oct 2012 for the official Honeymoon.

When was your last visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris?
WDW – Oct 19th 2011

DLRP  – May 2011

What is your biggest, most magical Disney memory?
This is a fairly easy one 😉 It has to be my wedding day. I got married at the Polynesian Resort on Luau Beach, then ate at the Aloha Dinner, got initiated into

the Polynesian Resort Ohana with an impromptu  ceremony the cast members did in the lobby giving us the most beautiful fresh flower leis (Which I have managed to freeze and get back home and they are currently in my freezer!) Then topping it off with a firework cruise where we got a tour of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Our guide told us lots of interesting trivia about the surrounding resorts pulled up and showed us the abandoned River Country water park which was really eerie at night and the legendary shoe tree before pulling up in front of the Magic Kingdom for Wishes. Then a few days later we had our wedding photos done by Disney Fineart and Photography in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in my all time favourite attractions The Tower of Terror. Truly a Disney experience I will never forget and just the beginning of my happily ever after.

We have been running Disneybrit for 3 and a half years. What do you think you could bring to the show?
As I don’t have my own family and it is currently just Joe and I (and of course the rabbit Austin 😉 ) I feel that I could bring another perspective when discussing

holidays/experiences catering for young couples or those who have no family ties. Also having had my own Disney wedding and experienced some of the special events that Disney has to offer I would have good knowledge of these areas to complement the rest of the team’s knowledge. In addition to this I have webcoding and design skills which could be put to good use to help with the website, iPhone coding skills that could be put to good use and could even create a small revenue stream to help with the funding of DisneyBrit. I have also been involved with event planning and hosting for some London Events and Parties (including the London MCM Expo) the latest being my own UK wedding reception that was Disney Themed (each table relating to a different Disney movie). These skills would be useful for helping to organise Mousemeets. (Also quite importantly a female and southerner’s perspective haha)

Is there anything we don’t do on the podcast that you have always wanted to hear us do?

It would be nice to hear more question and answer sessions on the show where people can email/phone in their Disney Dilemmas or questions about anything else Disney related (History, Movies etc) that can be answered on the show. Also reviews about the latest Disney computer games and apps which is an area I feel I could help out with if I am lucky enough to be chosen. It would also be good to cover Disney theatre news locally (UK), west end, broadway as well as in park or on ships (though I know this has been done to some extent in the news section of the podcast) But it would be great if we could get interviews with some of the performers. Another idea that might be fun would be to run a competition inviting people to sing Disney Karaoke and play the best as voted for on the website at the end of the show you could even run it as a competition like an American Idol type of thing. If liked the idea and it could be organised quick enough you could offer 2 tickets as a prize to Mousemeets and that person would start off the Karaoke session with a little performance of a couple of songs.
Another idea I have had is discussing favourite recipies from the resorts and parks (another passion of mine) and then having youtube on the DisneyBrit website of one of the team making them as an instructional video.

Are you part of the Disney community already? If so, how?
I participate in forums when I can usually the wdwmagic one as that is where I really started back in 2007 but haven’t been so active lately. Though the biggest community I am involved in is the Disney Cosplay* Community, where groups of us attend costume events, competitions and photoshoots as Disney Characters. Personally I have appeared and performed as Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and most recently Rapunzel.

*Japanese art of recreating character costumes in real life

Which areas of the Disney community most interest you?
When I am active on the forums I really like to help people plan their trips and help answer their queries so I can help them experience the magic I have experienced when at Disney and relieve some of the stress that can come from planning trip as big as Disney which for some, is a once in a lifetime thing. I enjoy helping family, friends and work colleagues  plan their trips and always get called on when someone is thinking of going out there. I help them sort out everything from when to go, how to get there where to stay, what to see and do and special additional extras.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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