1- When did you first visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris and how many times have you been since?
I first went to Disneyland Paris in 1992 at the age of 9. I have been 7 times in total having returned in 1995 (opening of Space Mountain), 2002 (opening of Studios), 2008, 2009, and 2011 with at least one visit planned for this year. I first went to WDW in 2007 and Returned in 2010.

2 – When was your last visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris?
My last visit to DLRP was in October for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We went to WDW last in September 2010 for our 1st Wedding Anniversary / Bleated Honeymoon.

3 – What is your biggest, most magical Disney memory?  
I have 2 that spring to mind. My first ever magical memory was my first visit. It was July 13th 1992. The day after my 9th Birthday, My father has a fear of flying but dreamed of going to Disneyland with his family, this was his chance. I remember walking through the entrance and seeing Main Street and being amazed. We went and had lunch in Casey’s corner and this is something of a tradition for me to visit at least once each time I go. I think that being 9 at the time means that I remember a lot about my first visit to Eurodisney.

However, I would say that probably a bigger and more magical came during my first visit to WDW when in front of Cinderella’s Castle I proposed to Lindsey in after the wishes fireworks. We had Americans whooping and cheering and taking pictures of us. It just rounded of an amazing holiday.  I couldn’t decide between these two as both are special in different ways.

4 – We have been running Disneybrit for 3 and a half years. What do you think you could bring to the show?
Being asked to do a report on the DLRP Not So Scary Party (or the Diet version as I referred to it) gave me a thirst to do more, but never thought this opportunity would arise (or so soon after I wished to one day do more for the podcast). I am obsessed with Vinylmation and would think that my expertise within this field would be of help/benefit to the UK Vinylmation cause. Also, my view on Disney is purely from an adult viewpoint as me and Lindsey are big kids and currently have no children so I look at things slightly differently in that way. For example, my dismay at the Flagship store having no real adult items (statues, snow globes etc). I understand at the smaller stores, but your flagship store in the UK?

5 – Is there anything we don’t do on the podcast that you have always wanted to hear us do?
In the year or so that we have been listening to Disneybrit there has not been much that I had thought was lacking. This is one of the reasons we always listen to the show and tend not to listen to many other similar podcasts about Disney. I would say maybe there could be more news / information on worldwide Vinylmation news as opposed to just the UK. I say this purely because most UK collectors still buy lots from the US as we never know what the UK will get or when (though I know your helping to try and change this)

6 – Are you part of the Disney community already? If so, how?
My wife helped set up the UK Vinylmation page FB page and I help and support when I can. I was recently asked to write an article http://destinationvinylmation.com/2011/12/vinylmation-speculation-disneyland-paris-mystery-set/ that was credited to Lindsey (as she e-mailed them my article) but I see things like this as a team effort.

Also when the UK Exclusives came out we made sure all our American colleagues were able to get them at cost price and not be ripped of on eBay. I ended up buying about 25 in total! I also love giving advice to work colleagues and family members who are planning trips to Disney parks. Whether this is advice on restaurants (California Grill or 50’s Prime Time in WDW or Annette’s Diner or Casey’s Corner in DLP) or ways to save money and get good deals (Expedia I find is brilliant for DLP for example) Also I have both shares in Walt Disney and also am a Le Club Actionnaires Shareholder.

7 – Which areas of the Disney community most interest you?
VINYLMATION! However I love the parks with a passion. I just love being there. The whole feeling you get when you’re there (especially in Orlando) just makes you feel magical and is what makes me love Disney. The feeling of being a child again, the wonder and joy… there is nothing like it! I also love reading about the histories of the park (just this Christmas I received the latest Imagineering book and also a book that someone had written about their experience of working at Euro Disney at its opening). I think I know more about the parks I haven’t visited then is really necessary. I would love to visit Tokyo probably more then any other Disney park, especially Disneysea. It looks amazing!

I obviously started watching Disney films as a child and its where my love began, and while I still love watching them (both old and new).  I do enjoy the Pins, but have a very small collection. I also was a regular poster at Tron Sector, although the Forums there were getting very unfriendly so I rarely visit now.  But both the Theme Parks and Vinylmation are big loves.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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