On Wednesday 1st June, a brand new Earl of Sandwich opened in Disney Village, the shopping and entertainment district of Disneyland Paris. This is only the second location to open in Europe and the first ever located in France.

The new location specifically built for the Sandwich joint is airy and light. Two of its four walls are glass making great views over Lake Disney as well as giving it a very contemporary look and feel.

With two floors and an outdoor veranda, the restaurant can hold over 200 people at any one time and with sandwiches made fresh to order it does hold up the food process. This could mean a longer wait during peak times as the system does work in a different way to the Orlando location. Often in Orlando guests order their food at one end of the counter and are able to pick it up at the other. Here, you order at one till, move to another to pay and then are given a buzzer of which will vibrate once your order is ready. The wait was still only 5 minutes and the food, as you expect was good.

A well as the contemporary element to the restaurant, they also give a nod to the very classic, British nature of the founder of the classic snack, the Earl of Sandwich. One wall is adorned with a  giant bookshelf, covered in old fashioned books (none of them are real) as well as a large sailing map. A globe also hangs in the tower of the building. The second floor has a large carousel type set up (see picture above) with tables around the outside plus a view down in to the lower floor. The stairs leading up to the floor is decorated with portraits of Earls past as well as a sign explaining the Earl of Sandwich concept to those that visit.

But the one thing you want to know about it the food. The menu is similar to that of its American counterparts and we would say as good. The day we visited was the day the location opened and it was only an hour after its 4pm opening that we went in meaning the whole building was spotless. Already, an hour in to opening the food was tasting pretty good. We enjoyed the Hawaiian BBQ and, although it could have done with a little more BBQ, it was pretty close to the first one we had in Orlando. The big difference between the two location is the price. Unfortunately, the exchange rate for the UK (at £1 = 1.10 Euros) at the writing of this meant that a sandwich costs 5.50 Euros (£5). Now, it is not the most expensive meal in Disney Village but it is certainly not the cheapest either. The food is great but once you add on crisps and a bottle of Coke (at 3.50 Euros!!!!!!) that it can become an expensive meal. For 2 adults and 1 child, the total came to 29 Euros (£26) without dessert. Is it worth £26? No, but it is a good meal and something different to enjoy for those on a budget. Yes, this is a budget meal in Disneyland Paris. Take a look at the menu below and see what else is on offer.

The Earl of Sandwich is open daily from 8.30am for breakfast and can be found at the end of Disney Village next to the Rainforest Cafe and opposite Cafe Mickey. To enjoy a more detailed tour of the new restaurant, take a look at the video below

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. A correction: In the Orlando location, when it is busy, you also get a buzzer and have to wait for your order. So your statement is not correct.

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