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A group on intrepid adventures from the UK have been attempting to travel around the world in a British Fire Engine to raise money for Macmillan Cancer, The Fire Fighters Charity and The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

According to their blog

“Legendary global road trip driving a silly red truck from London all the way to Disney Land!!  After driving over 23,000 miles, through 25 countries, the stage 7 crew roll into Disney. The crew are treated like celebrities. Martha had her own parking spot and was dressed up with Disney Balloons. Two Disney employees (Reece and Kris) escorted us around the park where we had back stage passes to all the rides. For a morning it was like being celebrities, not just passing queues but going in the back entrances and having rides to ourselves!!  We met the Disney Fire Department, Mary Poppins and screamed far too much on the rides. Like being Beckham for a morning.”

“An Audience with Mickey Mouse: This is where life on the truck just gets plain silly. Mickey Mouse is the governor of Disney. The big cheese. He is a busy mouse so we got “our people” to speak to “his people” ahead of time to arrange a meet. As the crowds gathered outside his house (he lives next door to Minnie) we were snook around the back to meet him in his dressing room. I will be honest, the nerves got the best of me as it felt like we were meeting the Queen or the Pope. We had our questions lined up and I am sorry to say that we have even dragged the big M into our burger debate. Sorry Walt.”

You can see the gang meet Mickey below.

You can find out more about the 26,000 mile trip across 5 continents at

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