Frozen the Musical

Well, that’s it! It is now official that Disney will release Frozen as a musical. Well sort of.

Disney have registered the domain and have a holding page for guests to sign up to a mailing list to be kept up to speed on the development of the musical.

Frozen the Musical

Frozen has broken box office records and has been a massive success for Disney this year. With amazing animation and some of the most ear catching songs, it was a sure winner. But what happens next? Just because it works on the big screen doesn’t guarantee a money maker for Disney on the Stage. The Lion King for example has been stuck in the West End of London for years now, just like it’s counterpart on Broadway. On the flip side the Little Mermaid although was successful as a production it didn’t hang around as long.

Fingers crossed for another major success, if not they may have to… *cough cough “Let it go”!


By Alan

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