Gaston Meet and Greet

I’m just going to blurt straight out with this. The New Gaston Meet and Greet at New Fantasyland is brilliant. The character is perfect, but is it a risk for Disney to allow him to roam freely?

Gaston Meet and GreetThe Reason I suggest it could be risky is that Gaston is a womanizer and speaks his mind. If you were to meet him in the street as a normal person, you would hate him. If he walked freely around my home town, I would have expected to hear about him bing in fights. Yet as a character in Disney World he is hilarious. He has Gaston’s character so perfectly that you know he will be arrogant, pig headed and expect more from you as a person!

There has been a lot of videos online recently showing his antics so I thought I’d share my favourites. And I will say that I have a favourite Gaston too.

The Push Up Contest

Source: Blake Platt

The Arm Wrestling Match

Source: Peyton Kays

Little Girl Put Gaston in his place

Source: JonasAlmostFamous

Serenading Gaston

Source: Disney Blondie

Arm Wrestling, flirting push ups and shouting at guests. He is brilliant, but hopefully everyone sees him as fun!

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