Great Movie Ride update

Great Movie Ride update

After many rumours of the future of the Great Movie Ride, eventually the news has dropped. The Great Movie ride is set to be updated as it has now found a new sponsor in Turner Classic Movies.

Although it is getting the much needed update, is it getting the update that is deserves? A spoke person for TCM has said that with the update “They don’t want to surprise people to the extent that they don’t recognise an old friend”. The great Movie Ride has been at DIsney’s Hollywood Studios since opening day. It celebrates the history of movie magic and embraces the different styles of genre.

The update will include Digital film posters and a new pre-ride video. The video will star TCM’ host Robert Osborne.

The ride will get updated more in depth genre spiel. While the ending film montage will be refreshed to include up to 200 HD movie clips. “With over half of them being new additions.”

The ride will exit into an area where guests can pose for photos in a classic movie style theme.

The update to the attraction should be complete by early spring. While TCM have mentioned that the film montage “isn’t complete yet”. This suggests the work has been started and could be a clue to why the Sorcerers hat was announced a few weeks back as a removal. Possibly to give the Great Movie Ride more presence the hat had to go as it obliterated the classic facade.

Does this Update go far enough or would new scenes have been a more needed addition? What do you think?

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