This Monday sees the 15th Anniversary of Walt Disney World’s newest park, Animal Kingdom. To help celebrate, the Orlando Sentinel’s Theme Park Ranger,m Dwayne Bevil put together this quiz. On this week’s Disneybrit Radio Show, our intrepid team took the challange to see just how much they knew about the park. Have a go at the questions below and see how you did.



1. Even before the park opened, it had a name change. What word was dropped from its moniker in 1996?

A) Mysterious

B) Walt

C) Wild

D) Mild

2. What is its (animal) population?

A) 500

B) 1,500

C) 10,500

D) 15,000

3. The parking lot has a section dedicated to what mythical beast?

A) Unicorn

B) Fire-breathing dragon

C) The Loch Ness monster

D) Yellow-bellied yeti

4. What was the original name of the Dinosaur ride?

A) Dinomite Mountain

B) Countdown to Extinction

C) Countdown to Fun

D) Dueling Dinosaurs

5. What is the height of the Tree of Life?

A) 120 feet, 6 inches

B) 145 feet

C) 160 feet, 8 inches

D) 197 feet

6. Before the “Festival of the Lion King” show, audience members are asked to make a giraffe noise. What animal is it said that giraffes sound like?

A) Sheep

B) Goats

C) Robins

D) Miniature horses

7. A now-abandoned version of the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction included poachers and a baby elephant in danger. What was the animal’s name?

A) Little Red

B) Little Rascal

C) Little Rock

D) L’il Princess

8. What is the name of the park’s main waterway?

A) Kali Rapids

B) Discovery River

C) Rohde River

D) Lake Minnie-Mickey

9. What two animals were the first residents of Animal Kingdom, arriving in 1997?

A) Gorillas and giraffes

B) Meerkats and tigers

C) Rhinos and flamingos

D) Bats and ocelots

10. What is the name of the park’s “petting yard,” located in Rafiki’s Planet Watch?

A) Affection Section

B) Jambo Junction

C) Disney’s Not-So-Scary Animal Area

D) Billy’s Backyard

11. Why do some Disney guests refer to the large audio-animatronic inside Expedition Everest as “Disco Yeti”?

A) It’s presented in strobe lighting

B) “Stayin’ Alive” plays as the roller coaster passes

C) It moves like John Travolta

D) None of the above

12. What former attraction featured Grandmother Willow?

A) “Chip and Dale Get Lost”

B) “Flights of Wonderland”

C) “Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration”

D) “Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends”

13. When Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner announced Disney World would get a fourth park in 1990, what catchphrase was used to describe it and additional projects?

A) Making More Magic

B) Sailing into Next Century

C) Mega Memories

D) The Disney Decade

14. In 2011, Disney announced that an expansion of Animal Kingdom would be based on what movie series?

A) “Star Wars”

B) “Avatar”

C) “Rin Tin Tin”

D) “The Lord of the Rings”

15. On April 22, 1998 — Animal Kingdom’s opening day — Disney World raised the price of admission to its parks. What did folks older than 9 years old pay for a one-day ticket (including tax)?

A) $39.95

B) $44.52

C) $50.50

D) $61.88

Here are the answers

1. C (as in Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom)

2. B

3. A

4. B

5. B

6. B

7. A

8. B

9. A

10. A

11. A

12. D

13. D

14. B

15. B

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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