We all know and love Disney Vinylmation and the craze is certainly beginning to spread. More and more people are returning from vacation with the 3″ critters and it seems that Disney may just be realising that they are catching on.

Until recently, Vinylmation were only sold online and at the new Imagination Park stores but reader Craig Lucas took a trip to the Liverpool One store today and noticed a new addition that wasn’t there last week.

Yes, Vinylmation is beginning to hit more stores across the country. We contacted Disney and they have told us that “Spotlight” stores are trialling Vinylmation to see if it is something popular enough to go nationwide. What does it mean by spotlight stores? Those outlets that are larger and in higher profile areas. Think Trafford Centre in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Meadowhall etc. There is no guarantee that these stores will stock each kind available in the UK but the Vinylmation revolution is certainly beginning to grow.

But here is out plea to you all. We know you all want Vinylmation and we know that if it does disappear in the UK people will moan that they have to travel to far flung corners of the Earth to get more. The only way it will stop is if we stop asking about them, collecting them and sharing the Vinylmation goodness with the rest of the country. So, get out there and share the good news. If someone on your nearest store looks at them with a confused look, explain it to them. Who knows, in a short while we could get Vinylmation sold in every store across the UK. It happened with pins didn’t it?

Let the Vinyl-revolution begin!!!!

Vinylmations take a trip to Liverpool One

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

One thought on “Is Disney Vinylmation Growing in the UK?”
  1. Eve rolled her eyes when she seen she was on this blog post, but today she was so excited to see these in our local shop. It’s a little bit of America in our local shops, we need to make sure they stay & the only way to do that is to dig deep.

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