An attraction that has been rumoured since 2008 could finally be making its way to the Walt Disney Studios park if what we see is to be believed. The guys over at Disney Central Plaza managed to locate a public building permit  on property that clearly shows some progress at the Studios

Acording the construction sign above, the sign explains that it is closed to the public because of the creation of a new attraction for Toon Studios. Is this likely to be Ratatouille? We don’t know for certain but the size gives us an indication that it is going to be a sizeable project. It seems that the maximum height of the construction will reach 17.8 metres, around 7 metres shy of the top of RC Racer but the building itself (at least the land dedicated to it) will be even bigger than the show building which houses its a small world.

When we brought you the plans for the project last year, we also talked about a new restaurant and shop. The permit clearly doesn’t include the restaurant or shop but it doesn’t always rule it out.

So, what timescale should we expect? Although it looks like construction will begin immediately, this is going to be a very big project. Estimates say this will take somewhere in the region of 2 years to build and that could mean the beginning of 2014. Are we going to see the 20th anniversary celebrated for 2 years with the opening of the new attraction in April to launch what ever is to follow? We would certainly expect it to cause a stir from visitors coming to visit the Studios and wanting to know what is going on. We just hope they decide to announce it sooner rather than later. Not, the week before like we had with Toy Story Playland.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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