Marketplace Co-op

Downtown disney is slowly transforming into the new Disney Springs. The Marketplace Co-op is the latest addition to the shopping complex.

The marketplace is divided into 6 smaller shops, each specialising init’s own thing. The Shops are Beautiful Disney, The Trophy Room, D-Tech on Demand, Cherry Tree Lane, Zoey and Pickles and Centrepiece. Each concession is selling a unique item only found here in the Co-op. Far too many are must have items and could quite easily baffle Disney obsessive shoppers into leaving with out items. What I mean by this is when you see 20 cool glasses or ornaments which one do you buy?

Beautiful Disney

This shop specialises in Makeup and nail varnish products. Colours and Designs inspired by the classic animations and villains. The atmosphere here reminds me of a high end boutique shop, with lots of black storage and bright colours accenting through.

The Trophy Room

As it’s name suggests its sports related. All items in here are to do with sports and sports alone. Strangely there is nothing in here that is Disney. Unlike the older Team Mickey shop there isn’t any Mickey sports tops on sale here.

D-Tech on Demand

This is the store to get your customised iphone cases. Choose a style of phone case, then customise it and get it made just for you.


This is my worst nightmare of a shop, here they are selling home accessories and lots of them. This isn;t teh problem though there is sooooo much cool stuff here that I could litterally melt my Magic Band waving the check out over. Ice-cream bowls, glasses, mugs, cushions, towels, prints, statues and much much more. A must for Disney fans.

Cherry Tree lane

This is your classic ladies accessory shop, Hats, bags and umberellas! Here you’ll find your doune and burke bags along with other lady must haves

Zoey and Pickles

This is the  shop for your teens and tween girls. Everyone is catered for in here.

Totally love this shop concept, its not one new store it’s six. It’s not often we get more than we hoped for in a redevelopment.


Check out this video by BigFatPanda

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  1. I am looking for the “try the grey stuff it’s delicious” dessert plate. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

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