Ever since the phenomenon around Universal’s WWOHP Butter Beer, themed drinks have been more obviously showing up in the parks. The creativity of the conceptions have also improved.

Since the opening of New Fantasyland you can now purchase Le Fou’s Brew in Gastons Tavern.
The latest marketing drink concoction is available at Epcot and is called the DoofenSlurper (although I would prefer Doofen-SHlurper). Named after the evil genius Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb from the Disney Channel. It’s served in a conical beaker and looks just like an experiment gone wrong. The Drink is a Frozen slush with a Passion fruit sorbet foam overlayed.

The drink is available in three flavours, available in 3 different locations

  • The Blue raspberry slush version- The Fife and Drum Tavern / American Adventure
  • The Red Strawberry version – The Cool Post / Africa Area
  • A Frozen Lemonade version – Promenade Refreshments / Showcase Plaza
Priced at $9.50 plus tax, I guess it’ll be a nice souvenir chemistry flask!



By Alan

Alan has been part of the Disney fan community since early 2000. He has worked on and built many fan websites including hiddenwdw.com and hiddendlrp.com. So If your looking for the best secrets of Walt Disney World or Secrets of the Magic Kingdom You can currently join him, Adam and Juz on the Disney Brit Podcast.

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