It always happens. We understand that a park’s operating costs do increase but this year, it seems Disneyland Paris are hitting hard and those of you thinking of heading to the Disneyland Paris Resort for a longer stay may need to rethink (or take out a second mortgage!)

As of 6th April, Disneyland Paris have increased their prices and we have a list of the changes below for you to compare:

Ticket Type — Adult/Child (3-11yrs)

1 Day 1 Park
£48/£44 to £51/£45 (+£3/+£1)

1 Day 2 Parks
£61/£55  (No Change)

2 Days 2 Parks
£101/£91 to £108/£97 (+£7/+£6)

3 Days 2 Parks
£126/£113 to £134/£115 (+£8/+£2)

4 Days 2 Parks
£146/£132 to £159/£134 (+£13/+£2)

5 Days 2 Parks
£156/£141 to £177/£141 (+£11/+£0)

There seems to be very little logic in the Price increase. A 1 day, 1 park ticket has increased but by what you might expect in a year yet the 1 day, 2 park stays the same. 2 days, 2 parks again shows a hike of more then you would expect as a usual increase as does the 3 day, 2 park, but it is for stays of longer than that that really are hit hard. 4 days is now going to cost an extra £13, a hike way beyond what anyone could really call reasonable, yet children only increase by £2. A 5 day pass has on the other hand has now increased £11, with no rise for children. In fact, a 5 day ticket will now cost guests more per person than it is to buy yourself a Dream Annual Pass (around £174 dependent on exchange rate), the top pass available. What we want to know is: Disneyland Paris what are you thinking?

Although there is such an increase, Disney are still offering the Magic Ticket (1 Day 2 Parks Save 15% on 1 Day at BOTH parks by buying in advance), the Party Ticket (4 Days for the price of 3, buy in advance to get 4 Days at BOTH parks for the price of 3) and the Party Ticket (5 Days for the price of 4, buy in advance to get 5 Days at BOTH parks for the price of 4). There is no guarantee as to how long these offers would last though.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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