by Nick LoCicero

Looks like we are one step closer to Disney just streaming their content straight into our brains. We talk about it on Destination Disney all the time. Disney is revolutionizing the meaning of interaction with it’s customers. So it comes as no surprise that yesterday at the D9: All Things Digital Conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a new within a year. He calls it an “uber network” for the Walt Disney Company that will be a place “for people to consume our content directly.” Think of this like a Netflix or Hulu, but for all things Disney. Imagine the vast library of Disney films and TV shows at your fingertips anytime you want to stream it. There will also be plenty for gamers on the retooled site. Now, this doesn’t come without some costs to the consumer. Although no details have yet been announced, he did mention a subscription service, pay-per-view and micropayments.

Iger acknowledged, this site alone can not succeed without the technology to utilize it. He said, “I actually believe that the tablet is going to revolutionize the media business.” He also made mention of utilizing the cloud storage so talked about these days. “If we give people the ability to buy a lot more because they can store a lot more, for a company that creates TV shows and movies, that’s fantastic,” Iger said. Apple, who’s CEO Steve Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder, is expected to make a huge iCloud announcement on Monday.

Iger wants this new to be a destination for Disney fans to consume all things Disney in one place with content delivered through a proprietary platform and aspects are already built.

Iger also touched upon the gaming side of things. He acknologes mistakes were made and there was an over-emphasis on console games. Expect many more online and social media games with Playdom producing original content for Disney.

3D movies are here to stay… they just have to be done correctly. Iger still likes the possibilities of 3D enhancing the viewers experience, but it has to be done right with the right movies and not be gimmicky.

I am very excited about the possibilities of this new website. I hope it includes content that enhances the theme park guest’s experience as well. Content that you can view before hand and event take with you on your trip and into the park. Then special content that like the ghosts in the mansion, follows you home. What do you think about the new We will be talking all about it tonight on Destination Disney. Live at 6pm eastern at Heartbeat Radio.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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