The official reason for yesterday’s fire in Tomorrowland was officially confirmed today and reported by the Orlando Sentinel

A melted light started a small fire on the Astro Orbiter ride at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday morning, shutting down the Walt Disney World attraction for the day, officials said.

No one was injured or on the ride when the fire began, shortly after the park opened on a rainy morning.

The fire was in one of the decorative rings at the very top of the ride, said Bo Jones, an assistant chief at the Reedy Creek Emergency Services.

One of the lights in the rings shorted out, melted and started smoldering.

“We had it out in no time,” Jones said, calling it a “very minor” incident. “It was a hot light bulb.”

The ride was kept closed for the rest of the day, though visitors could access the rest of Tomorrowland, where the Astro Orbiter ride is located, said spokesman Zoraya Suarez.

It was not clear Sunday evening when the ride would re-open.

The Astro Orbiter is billed as a rocket ride around a “retro-sci-fi central structure full of brightly-colored planets.”

The fire occurred in the tall, ringed structure that is the centerpiece of the ride, Jones said.

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