Happy Leap Day everyone!!
We are now just under 2 1/2  hours away from opening at the Magic Kingdom and 5 1/2 at Disneyland for the One More Disney Day Leap Day Event.

The Queue at Disneyland is already 1000’s of guests strong here is just a small portion of the queue of the brave souls who have been camping out since 10pm (PST):

Photo: @wdwfigment
Photo: @zandersantosJR

WDW Update:
Seems all is quiet on the Eastern front, unlike the insane lines that have formed at Disneyland Walt Disney World seems very quiet indeed…. Maybe it is the draw of FREE MouseEars at Disneyland that has caused the madness there?! 4.58 am (EST)

Photo: @ThemeParkReview

Photo: @ThemeParkReview

There is a great channel set up on Ustream that will be broadcasting the main events starting now:

Free desktop streaming application by UstreamIf any of the videos get recorded I will post them up here afterward for those of you who missed out!

Looks like those coveted Limited Edition MouseEars have started to be handed out:

Photo: @ICMovies

And here is a look  at the exclusive buttons made for this event:

Photo: @mansonrepublica

5:15am WDW: Crowd is starting to look at little bigger now

Photo: @ThemeParkReview

Looks like the ears are now being handed out at the Magic Kingdom as well 5:30am (EST)

Photo: @ThemeParkReview

5:40am Mickey &  Minnie Welcome Guests in their PJs
Photo: Inside The Magic

Other Stream doesn’t seem to be up to much but this one is broadcasting NOW

Watch live video from fromscreentotheme on www.justin.tvOpening Ceremony:

Screenshots From “FromScreenToThemes” Video:

Just had confirmation that all FromScreenToTheme’s videos will be available to watch later so I will post them up for you.


Castle looking amazing!
Photo: Simon Travels

Opening Ceremony curtesy of FromScreenToTheme (starts 4.30 mins in):

Watch live video from fromscreentotheme on Justin.tv

Main Street Welcomes You:

6:30am Wait time for Space Mountain only 10 mins!

6:33am Breakfast?

Photo: @kenstaack

6.35am Fantasyland

Photo: @TouringPlans

7am Foggy Liberty Square/Frontierland:

7:10am Huge Line to get Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom Cards

Disneyland Upate (5:11 PST):

The parking situation seems to be crazy with long queues!
Photo: @joe_apples

Looks like the Disneyland Band are helping keep the moral up for all those people who have been camping out overnight:
photo: @clairemarina


Not just Special cupcakes on offer cake pops too!

photo: @ThemeParkReview

Looks like skies are finally clearing over WDW:

Disneyland update 5:15(PST)
Under 10 mins to go and the queue are insane. This is the line for bag check:


6am(PST) Disneyland Update:

People are finally being let in!

Current Closures for Disneyland:

Photo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Disney-for-Grown-Ups/197372370319473

6:45 (PST) Disneyland Update:

Leap Day Welcome Signs greet guest as the crowds are still piling in!
Photo: DoomBunny

8am (PST) Disneyland Update:
The crowd at Disneyland seems have magically dissipated. Apparently many were just there to collect the LE One More Disney Day MouseEars and Button then they left. Here is a shot of Main Street now:


Higher quality version of the Magic Kingdom opening ceremony 6am (EST)

1st WDW Leap Year Castle Proposal has appeared on Twitter!!
Will we see a Disneyland one?

And this Dear friends is where I must leave you for now but I hope you have fun following the opening hours of this really special event. Going to leave you with epic split screen of WDW and Disneyland:

Look forward to filling in the Gaps tomorrow and sharing with you all some of the special moments in the parks. To all of you out there in the Parks have fun and try not to fall asleep 😉

Check this page throughout the day where I will be keeping you up to date on the festivities (Currently at work so trying my best to update as much as I can but will have to stop for sleep as I have a big meeting tomorrow! But rest assured Nick is on the case and he will still be sending hourly photo updates and I will add some highlights to this feed tomorrow from the action.)

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