It’s Party for the Plant as part of DIsney’s Limited Time Magic. This event marks two special events. Earth day / Weekend the anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It hardly feels like 5 years ago that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opened. Amazingly the park is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary. And “You’re officially invited to a party”.

The celebratory party kicks of with Mickey’s Jungle Jammin Parade, followed by a chance to see some classic duos. Lilo & Stitch, Flik & Princess Atta, Koda & Kenai, and Thumper & Miss Bunny will march along, and then you can join them for a dance party hosted by DJ Dino-Mite in Dinoland, USA!


There will be limited edition merchandise to commemorate the event, T-shirts, Vinylmations, pins and more will be available for you to purchase form Creature Comforts.

The only thing that would make this event even better would be something to snack on. This event will not let you down.

Dirt and Worm Cupcake will be available from Disney;s Hollywood Studios or Kona Cafe at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Or Dirt and Worm Tart will be avialable from The Magic Kingdom and Epcot.


By Alan

Alan has been part of the Disney fan community since early 2000. He has worked on and built many fan websites including and So If your looking for the best secrets of Walt Disney World or Secrets of the Magic Kingdom You can currently join him, Adam and Juz on the Disney Brit Podcast.

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