Is this Avatar expansion happening? Well, you guess is as good as ours. No one seems to know as rumours recently suggested that the project may have been shelved due to creative differences. Whatever the case, it seems some images have been leaked that could be blueprints of what might still be coming.


From the image above this could be a plan for just one attraction. According to the blueprint it titles the plan as FP08 Ride 1. The left side could suggest a queue line into a much larger area on the left. But the following plans may suggest otherwise

Above shows the inner workings of the attraction. It also seems that this is on a second floor as there are several staircases and an elevator on the plan. Elevators will need to be in place for disabled guests. The right side no longer looks like a queue but the layout of some kind of dark ride. It also names this as a “C ticket” Could  it be that the first image is ground floor which houses a queue system, with a dark ride attraction of some kind housed on top. The Left side of the plan now seems to show 4 large theatres. A four part show? A show that requires a lot of space and only a small area is available for the audience? We have no clue and sadly, the plan doesn’t give us any clues either. It certainly looks like the “stage” area looks fairly substantial.

The third plan shows what is a third floor. Not a space that guests will be able to enter beyond one area but it holds space for large ride control rooms, a cast breakroom and toilets and what seems to be even more mechanisms for each show theatre. There seems to be a central corridor that runs through the centre. This is labelled as the show exit. Does this mean that guests will move up from the second to third floor somehow? This is all speculation. There is a chance that this might not even be Avatar but sources believe so. Could this be another concept confined to the vaults of Disney or will we, one day, be stood in one of those theatres remembering the day we first saw those blueprints?

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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