Those people that already own points in the Disney Vacation Rental scheme have said that it is often difficult to get a reservation at a resort that isn’t classed your “home” resort due to the demand compared to the capacity. Disney have recently rolled out some great new locations for DVC owners and in the last few years have developed resorts at Animal Kingdom with Kidani Village and Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort. But, is Disney about to open its most exclusive resort DVC resort yet?

Plans have been leaked online that seem to originate from Walt Disney Imagineering showing a brand new wing to be added close to the Grand Floridian Resort. Take a look at the plans

The proposed site is right next to the Grand Floridian’s Wedding Pavilion. It is a quiet secluded spot with plenty of space for expansion. The area already has a water’s edge and white sandy beach, making it a luxurious option for DVC. But with luxury will come a price. Bay Lake Tower currently comes in at a round $140 a point and is classed as the most exclusive of all. With the Grand Floridian classed as the resort’s “Flagship” hotel, expect the points cost to be closer to $160.

The DVC resort will be connected by what seems to be a walkway. The length of it suggest it will be a sizable walkway and may even connect to an additional monorail station as  There seem to be a good walk from main hotel lobby to the DVC location, although it could be that you have to check in at the Grand Floridian and then transfer to the DVC wing.

The cross-shaped building will jut our on a small portion of land giving water views to three quarters of the rooms. At least on side of the hotel will also have a Magic Kingdom view. How many rooms you ask? We aren’t sure but we have heard that the resort will have 6-7 floors.

Unfortunately, the quality of the image makes much of the text difficult to read but it certainly looks like the plans for “Project 2011-1” are well advanced and we may hear something soon. Is it something you might be interested in? Do you think it might put strain on what is an already crowded monorail system or maybe you think the Wedding Pavilion may lose some of its exclusivity. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Since posting the original article last week we have dicovered another architect drawing giving some details of the changes that will need to be made to the surrounding land.


There are now clearer plans of the DVC project available as PDF files. To see the intial plan as above on a larger and clearer scale click here. You can find the extend plans with multiple drawings here

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